Episode 27: The 0808 OG Special


The latest fad in the world is running a consumer sale whenever a date becomes some sort of a mnemonic, which usually is just having both the date and month be the same number. Sometimes, marketers put in the effort and associate the date with something relatable (Singles Day 11.11), while other times, the sale itself is the reason (9.9, 10.10, 11.11, 12.12 etc).

But when it comes to August 8 in Singapore, sales do not exist in the minds of the car enthusiasts here. On this very date, also know as #0808, any performance car owners worth their grain of salt would consider pushing their machines to the limit through the streets under the pretence of giving Singapore an early birthday wish (Singapore’s National Day falls on August 9), or at least consider the opportunity of hanging out with other like-minded individuals, to admire and celebrate the modified car culture. Something so simple and wholesome would be well received, don’t you think? But for car enthusiasts here, this date comes with a risk — road enforcers like the traffic police are most active today, to curb the “dangerous and/or reckless driving” of performance cars.


And that most dangerous place to be for a car enthusiast is the famed Orchard Gudang (OG), a 9.4 KM “loop” around the Orchard / Marina area of Singapore, unofficially known as Singapore’s real street track circuit for the brave. No one knows who, or when, the “track” was officiated, but every self-respecting, performance-car-owning car enthusiast, colloquially known as tiong chia drivers, would know the existence of it. And honour is given to those who have clocked a lap before.

So, what better a place to pay homage to the car culture scene on an auspicious date like #0808, than the renowned OG itself? These two Honda Civic FD2 Type R and a Suzuki Swift Sport ZC31S did the loop on #0808, and for that, our eternal gratitude to them for flying the tiong chia spirit high up in the sky.

Ed. notes: They did the loop. They didn’t race.


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