Gallery: The Last V8 from BMW


If you ever need a reference on how to soup your M3 up in both the form and function departments, look no further: This Bimmer is the blueprint.

Whenever you’re the “last of your kind”, there’s always added pressure to deliver. This M3, being the last V8 of BMW, is no different in that aspect. Housing the acclaimed S65 engine under its hood, many have sung its praises of how this is “the driver’s car”. Being naturally aspirated, raw power gets pushed through so you feel every bit of it unlike turbocharged ones that come with the dreaded ‘lagging’ feel. Coupled with a Gruppe M intake, hi-flow breathing equals to power on tap.

Of course, a powerful car is a sum of its parts. An Akraprovic full exhaust system is tasked to remove the byproducts of generated power, and it comes with a neat rumble that is unanimously loved by all in the Bimmer community.

When it comes to stopping power, only the reputable Brembo can do the job. Running a 6/4 pot set up, this big brake kit does the job just fine in bringing the car to a stop, especially when this M3 has went through significant weight reduction in the form of carbon fibre splitters, side skirts, rear diffuser and more. To give it further downforce and aid in better handling, a carbon fibre GT wing is required. That’s quite unusual given that majority of the Bimmer owners tend to run duck lip spoilers for that clean, sleeper look.

Take it from us — If you drive a 3, use this as your north star.



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