Episode 28: The Widestar Geländewagen


Who doesn’t want an armoured tank?

KBS MotorSports’ latest holy grail, a Brabus Widestar W464 G-Wagon, is as crazy as that tank on the road one can have.

We took a look at this beauty of a beast, and the first thing we noticed were those sharp accented fenders. “Those things look tough as hell…” we said to ourselves. That aggressive stance provided a look of real intent; picking up a cache of weapons at the swankiest club in town – check. When we opened the door, the step plate extended out with inviting glee. Solid, sturdy, we climbed in… and got blown away by what’s in store for us. “This isn’t something we expect going into the wilderness!” But if we did, it’ll probably be to a secret jungle VIP party for the elites. The luxury engulfed us like moths to fire, and it wouldn’t be too shabby if you’ll use it as a home for the night.

How do you replace tank tracks for wheels? Easy – Vossen UV-4 22″ forged, light and strong, plus a dash of “Russian baller” thrown in.

Tank rumble? Here’s some renowned German aftermarket performance, a Cargraphic exhaust.

Too much inertia from all that diesel torque, so how about insane stopping power with Brembo B-M BBK?

You’re a self-respecting car guy? Can’t go wrong with twill weaved DMC carbon bits peppered throughout the ride.

A custom lit Brabus emblem to announce your arrival? Sure thing.

To top it off, let’s go with a baby blue wrap finish, juxtaposition of menacing and friendly.

Safe to say, you’ll never fail to be the talk of the town driving this one helluva SUV.



This piece is created in collaboration with KBS Motorsports Pte. Ltd.

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