Episode 29: The Godzilla Ravage

Screen Shot 2020-09-03 at 11.13.30 PM

Rumble, rumble down the tumble.

What causes a rumble? A distant thunder, perhaps. How about an imminent earthquake? Or maybe, an incoming avalanche.

But the mother of all rumbles must certainly come from the legendary Godzilla.

What? Not really?

Okay. The rumble to end all rumbles is one that is orchestrated by more than 40 Godzillas. The only way to top that can only be to add more into the mix.

In the 2020 pandemic edition of #0808, the GTR Owners’ Club organised a massive, round island drive session, safe distancing style, to celebrate the independence of sunny Singapore, a country known for the world’s most expensive place to own a car, yet still having a ton of them and even more car-crazy petrolheads.

And so, the R35s heeded the call to fly the Singapore flag high and raise the collective decibel level. With the rally point set at an underground carpark within scenic Sentosa, these magnificent beasts arose from their deep sea slumber and rolled their way past the beaches, occasionally spitting fire at those who dared to ogle. It was no wonder why they were getting the stares – with their skins decked in menacing black, to pearlescent white; from the classic midnight purple, to colour shift chameleon, their exhaust notes only served to signal the myopic ones to witness the splendour.

Once on the move, all mortal (cars) can only slow their pace down and bask in the glory of these jaw dropping monsters. The Godzillas even got themselves a flanking guard of honour from a group of tricked out Hiaces – this just showed how revered these collective unit of 20 million dollar metal boxes are.

All in all, we’re pretty sure Singapore got significantly louder that memorable night.


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