Episode 40: The Roar


It’s always an impressive sight whenever a group of something comes together. And this time round, we’ve had the pleasure of joining an Audi R8 platoon on their early morning rounding session.

Based on the Lamborghini Gallardo and presently, the Huracán, platform, combined with a V engine and the quattro permanent all-wheel drive system, the Audi R8 is one of the rare machines that can be termed as a supercar. As with all supercars, the roar of one is usually a significant highlight, to both the owner and the audience. Now, imagine 10 of them.

Starting the journey from Auto Spritze, an all-in-one servicing centre located at Kim Chuan Terrace, we pulled up the old school shutters to see some of the R8 in deep slumber at the hoists, waiting for their owners to stir them up.

The day broke, and as the light from the east peek through the workshop, so do the wakening of the DRL from the machines. Then, the usual, a symphony of exhaust notes. Thank God we were in an industrial park on a weekend.

As the group of R8 rolled out of the gates of Auto Spritze, more R8 joined the convoy, and we were took on a mesmerising trip, covering the eastern and southern parts of sunny Singapore. As we cruised the roads, I wonder if other road users wondered the combined total value of these beasts, bunched together in all its majestic splendor?

It is, after all, well over a few million dollars in Singapore.




This piece is created in collaboration with Auto Spritze Pte Ltd.

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