Episode 41: The Cakōtarattuvam

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Such is the beauty of the Earth, that we live in a multi-faceted world, full of different cultures and people. But regardless of the differences between us all, there’s always something widely subscribed to. It goes by different names in different languages, but it always translate to ‘brotherhood’ — a relationship between brothers, or a community of people linked by a common interest, religion, or trade.

In this instance, it’s both.

The 3 cars featured here are owned respectively by 3 brothers who are not just related by blood, but also by the common love of all things automotive. This Cakōtarattuvam gathered in preparation for a marriage within one in the pack. One of them is taking the next step in life, which is, to be a family man, and this is well reflected in the weapon of choice. The Mercedes-Benz GLC 300, a compact luxury crossover SUV, packs comfort, power and class all into one roomy package, ready to ferry the bundles of joy, to the approval of the wife.

Flanking this pack are 2 high performance machines fit for swinging bachelors. Like the groom-to-be, one of them is another Mercedes-Benz, but this time, a CLA 45. This performance-grade executive has always been the envy of many. Our brother here took it further, tweaking the already high powered rocket to something more impressive, with a change in the oil cooler, Alpha CAI & heat exchanger, a custom CF bonnet, and more importantly, Stage 2 tuning. The Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio makes up the other flanker. A rare and powerful machine, we don’t see this on the road that often, let alone one that comes with a GT wing. Top-of-the-line, represented by the four-leaf clover, this ride hides a twin-turbo V6 engine, hiding over 500 horsepower under the hood. This is one special drive only for a true car enthusiast, especially one who loves pizza and parmesan cheese.

Things fade, but the tie of brotherhood remains. We wish the groom a happy and long-lasting marriage.




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