Episode 57: The Stimme


It is widely regarded that exhaust notes are the music of automotive symphony, created by an orchestra. And in each orchestra, a conductor leads a myriad of instruments, namely strings, woodwinds, brass, and percussion.

Showcasing this German orchestra, we have the M5, X6M, X3M, M6, bringing forth the energy as the Stimme. And boy, did they bring that zeal to the fray!

These M cars here are considered the “heavier weights” of the BMW family, and by heavy, we meant it literal. Other than the M6, the ones here are typically targeted towards the family-conscious buyers based off the fact that they’re bigger sized — more boot space and cabin space equals to easier grocery runs and children fetching. However, if performance is life, then these family friendly (sort of) runners are certainly not short of that! Heck, in all honesty, even the M6 could be family friendly, if one looks beyond the 2-door functionality.

If we have to group them together, then the M5 and X3M Competition goes together nicely; they’re both proper people carriers, cementing both in the core functionality of what a car is (which is to transport). On the other end, the M6 and X6M actually share similar traits; they both have coupe styling, which means sleeker rears. At the end of the day, your choice here is simple. Ask yourself if you like a car with a lower view, and then ask yourself if you prefer traditional sensibility versus modern styling. But there’s one question you certainly don’t have to ask — does it have enough ///M power?



To be continued… 

This piece is filmed in collaboration with BMW M Club of Singapore


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