Episode 65: The Christmas Greeting


If Santa Claus came to Singapore to celebrate Christmas, what would it be like? At SAVAGE, we asked ourselves this question.

On the twelfth day before Christmas, old Santa will be checking the weather here, for it would, safely speaking, be quite different from what he’s used to at the poles.

On the eleventh day before Christmas, he’ll be switching on his computer and googling “what kind of toys do the kids like these days”.

On the tenth day before Christmas, he’ll be drawing up the list of nice kids that he’ll need to visit.

On the ninth day before Christmas, this old man will be finalising the list of toys he’ll be bringing.

On the eighth day before Christmas, he’ll be firing up the furnaces and rallying his army of elves to produce that list of toys.

On the seventh day before Christmas, while the toys are being produced, he’ll be reading up Lonely Planet’s Singapore guide, just in case he gets some time off in-between deliveries.

On the sixth day before Christmas, Santa will do his first round of quality control checking, and probably gently remind Buddy, the oversized elf, not to sleep on the job.

On the fifth day before Christmas, he’ll start sweating at the idea of the sweltering heat he’ll have to face in Singapore, and then start rummaging through his closet to find some short sleeve shirts and shorts to bring over to Singapore.

On the fourth day before Christmas, he’ll collect the toys fresh out of the production shed behind his house, and chuckle to himself that “this is going to be another great Christmas”.

On the third day before Christmas, he’ll pack the toys, taking great care to bubble-wrap the packaging so that they’ll stay fine during transportation.

On the second day before Christmas, he’ll write the festive notes of joy, making sure to give a shout out to the good kids on his list, especially Timmy (for he has been the bestest of them lot this year).

On the last day before Christmas, he’ll pick up a kettle, boil some water, and make himself a nice cuppa, thinking about the adventure he’s going to have.

Then, on the first day of Christmas, dear old Santa Claus will look at his reindeers and pat them good bye, before take a connecting flight from the poles to Singapore. He’ll land at Changi Airport, and swiftly make his way to KBS MotorSports Pte Ltd and pick up a Ferrari 488 GTB decked, instead of the halls of jolly, with the Novitec N-Largo wide bodykit, because nobody has time for some rickety old reindeer-powered sleigh in the business of toy delivering in this day and age. He’ll zoom down the straights of East Coast Parkway to check out the available pine trees for the picking at the back of Gardens by the Bay. Then, he’ll load one up that same Ferrari 488, go through his list of good kids, and start spreading the festive cheer all over, especially with that loud, fire spitting exhaust pipes of the red wild horse.

When he is finally done with the delivery, he’ll probably switch out his ho-ho-ho gear for some weather appropriate clothes that he brought along, with the same Lonely Planet guide in his hands.

Anyway, Santa Claus came. And that’s what really happened.




This piece is created in collaboration with KBS Motorsports Pte. Ltd.


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