Episode 62: The Carbon Godzillas


Carbon fibre, a material synonymous with high stiffness, high tensile strength, high strength to weight ratio, high chemical resistance, high temperature tolerance and low thermal expansion, is always the weapon of choice for performance cars. Some of these cars come straight with such material, while others simply swap existing parts for it. But usually, most of the rides use carbon fibre sparingly, due to the high cost that comes with it. 

Not for three Nissan GT-R R35. Going through an exclusive weight loss program, these Godzillas of Singapore are fully decked out in full carbon fibre Top Secret styled bodykit, lightening each and everyone of them by at least 200KG. The bodykit is developed in-house by MTM Carbon Inc, the bodywork arm of the renowned MTM Performance Group, by skilled masters attuned to the art of C60 weaving.

The interiors are not spared. Gone are the plastics that donned the insides; in comes the custom carbon bits, peppered with gold flakes, for the dashboards, steering wheels and the likes, for added austerity — There’s something about feeling cold hard carbon fibre on the hands that makes one run their fingers through.

Then, hardware upgrades include, fully forged custom rims, MTM titanium exhaust systems, HKS intake manifold and throttle body, coupled with race tuning by BMS. What you get out of these are machines clocking between 600 to 900 BHP, tastefully pushing their already excellent performance up a couple of notches!

Such speed and the looks to boot, certainly requires protection from prying eyes, itchy hands and clumsy actions. Protecting the bodywork involves The Visual Lab’s masterful installation of the Hexis BodyFence PPF, a paint protection film developed by Hexis R&D to stop external aggressions such as scratches, stone chips, abrasion, UV rays, whilst facilitating the cleaning of the ride by preventing dirt from sticking to the paintwork. Apart from your eyes, Blackvue in-car cameras, developed with cutting-edge technology from South Korea, acts as the silent guardian, watching and recording to ensure all matters of wrong are accounted for. 

We warmly welcome these carbon menaces to our streets.



This piece is created in collaboration with The Visual Lab, MTM Performance Auto, and BlackVue Singapore.

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