Episode 63: The Grey Brothers



To most Singaporeans, a car is not just an expensive mode of transport but also a bona fide symbol of success. To a certain extent, it marks one who is ‘making it in life’, even if one is using it as a private for-hire vehicle.

Then, there’s the general car enthusiasts, to which “a symbol of success” must at least be a car that has some performance / racing pedigree in her blood. At the minimum, these cars come with a premium price tagged to them when compared to their mass-market counterparts, such as the fun and affordable Suzuki Swift Sport, or the Mitsubishi Lancer.

But there’s the ‘master race’ of car enthusiasts who take the crown — those who are a cut above the rest with the ownership of rare pedigree cars. Think of it as owning a racehorse that has a long lineage of royalty, with a line of admirers stretching to the horizons.

One of them here today is, some might call it, the handsome-est car in the whole Hamamatsu stable. The S2000, a famed open-top sports car, is the culmination of what Honda deems as a performance car that can double up as a lifestyle 2-seater. You can take it to the tracks and race it, or drift it (as it’s an RWD), or live it up with the top down in a seaside drive, taking in the sands and the wind in your hair. Then again, this one is an official Spoon Sports hardtop certified S2000, so you know where the owner’s inclined towards…

The other one here is a rare unicorn on our streets in Z-tune kit. Unmistakable round tail lamps donned the boot, with squarish-angled curves covering her entire body; This is the world famous Nissan Skyline R34 (GT-T). Cementing her place in the hearts of all car lovers worldwide, you’ll be hard pressed to find someone who “wouldn’t want to lay hands on it”. The fact that there’s an international registry that documents all the GT-Rs in the world says a lot about the sought-after-ness of this champion racehorse.

“Success” is a wide spectrum, and these owners are at the top end of it.





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