Episode 64: The White Stallion


70s and 80s kids that were exposed to speed and fast cars at an early age usually tend to view Ferrari as the pinnacle of the automotive world — A brand steeped in ultra luxurious heritage, with bespoke machines meant for the elites who have everything in the palms of their hands. A brand that only the ones who are the “who’s who” in this life are able to be bestowed upon. This also cements the fact that Ferrari cars are of the highest quality, made by the finest hands and minds that Italy has to offer.

Getting a Ferrari is already a tall order on itself. But every now and then, someone decides that a Ferrari isn’t “good enough for me”, even with her roaring exhaust notes, sleek curves, and interior fit for royalty. They go for the Ferrari 458 Italia, the one made be the same great brand, but with the aim to win races. And then, to put the icing on the cake, you slap her on with Novitec, the German tuning and body precisionists with a penchant for “cars meant for kings and queens”. What you get is a prancing racing horse cranked up a notch (as if she wasn’t fast enough) coupled with even better aerodynamics that’s both form and function.

Well, this is one of such. A true racing stallion indeed.




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