Episode 67: The Snowzilla

Screenshot 2023-01-13 at 4.31.40 PM


When we see a GTR, we tend to imagine the owner to be a Yankee, someone who has that innate mischievous streak, someone ‘of the streets’, living life on the edge. I’m sure anyone who loves a GTR, tends to possess a bit of that, even if they’re hidden deep down in the crevasses of the heart. 

The owner of this particular GTR is probably the epitome of what a hidden Yankee is. A well-dressed family man, blessed with a beautiful wife and 3 lovely kids, immaculate with his manners, is what most wouldn’t picture together with arguably Japan’s most famous car. Then, he walks out of the house, gets into his Godzilla and cranks the engine — this is the moment when all stereotypes fly out of the window. With its loud and aggressive rise from slumber, you know the man is not your typical car owner, for he is ready to seize the day with power overwhelming. At some point, we wondered if his neighbors knew the real thirst-for-adventure he has within him.

A dream of his own since his childhood, owning this GTR has been the owner’s pride and joy. Sadly, while the night is longest just before daybreak, the sun must rise, and he has since parted ways with this machine. But as some would say, it’s neither the destination nor the journey that matters; it’s the company and memory you’ve gained that truly count.

Farewell to this GTR, one of the greatest looking ones we’ve seen on our shores.



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