Episode 68: The S3duction


In our day and age, ladies are no longer taking the supportive role. The rise of feminism and the adjacent themes have pushed the womenfolk to the forefront of the world; they’re not constrained to the kitchens. While pay equality is still an outstanding issue, wage gap has been positively shrinking, giving rise to women with means to achieve greatness and the finer things in life.

In the past, a great man comes with his trusty steed. An active, successful woman of the world these days also needs that capable workhorse. The wise old Jeremy Clarkson once said, “If you have a powerful engine in your car you can get home at night more quickly. Which means you spend more time with your children Which means they’re less likely to grow up as glue sniffers.” Well said!

And that’s why, a great woman chooses the all-new Audi S3 Sedan. Stats at a glance:

  • 228kW of power, so you know you’ll get some great top speeds to chase down that mansplainer
  • 400Nm of torque, so you know you’ll launch quicker than your woman’s intuition
  • 0-100kmh in 4.8secs; that’s well nestled in the realm of men’s definition of powerful

With quattro all-wheel drive as standard, providing excellent traction and the S sport suspension for sportier handling, so you know you’re in good hands when it comes to quick, purposeful turns on the road. Progressive Steering also helps you manage your everyday driving, with feedback that helps you feel the road easily.

A 4-door package for functionality, but decked in elegant, coupé-like design, makes this machine a strikingly sporty eye candy. Dual-branch exhaust system with twin tailpipe trims on each side gives it that performance-driven vibe while the powerful shoulders, sill trims and dynamic rear spoiler on the car ensures the aerodynamics run optimal for fast runs aggressively. Blings are a necessity as well — Headlights and rear lights in LED technology impress with their advanced technology and light signature.

A girl’s gotta be able to enjoy more than just being seen; she’s got to feel it as well. With the clarity and dynamism of the Audi S3 Sedan carried over into the interior, S-specific elements such as the front sport seats with rhombus pattern offering outstanding lateral support, and the flattened sport contour leather steering wheel with multifunction plus and shift paddles not just give her that sporty edge, but encases her with power that tingles the skin.

A woman these days is so much more, but there’s always time to “dial S for fun at the wheel”.



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