Episode 70: The Widow M4ker


How does one get attuned to the car culture?

For some, it is through the storytelling of a young man delivering tofu on the mountain roads of the Akina (better known as Mt. Haruna in real life).

For others, it is through the movie magic of a family who lives life “fast and furious”.

And then, there are those who are mesmerised by the glittering neon lights of performance cars in a world called Need for Speed: Underground. In this world, car owners acquire and race their go-fast machines for pink slips in order to get better go-fast parts and/or machines in this never-ending loop. But winning fast is only part of the equation; looking good while winning is equally important.

(For the uninitiated, the “looking good” part, at times, even more important amongst the Singapore car scene.)

MTM decided to play out an example of the NFS: Underground life, turning an actual BMW M4 into what would have been an ‘end-game-worthy’ go-fast car fit for that particular world. In true gaming stats:

Go-fast bits = MTM Performance tuned for racing, pushing out 622 horses and 93 kilograms of torque, complete with high-stopping prowess courtesy of MTM’s custom forged BBK. Custom titanium charge pipe, CSF intercooler with RK titanium piping and custom titanium gold electroplated quad exhaust tips complete the requirements to keep this car from imploding off its own massive power.

Look-good bits = Custom CF LibertyWalk widebody kit (who would say nah to that?!) donning that green and gold glitter paint work. The CF treatment did not stop there; a fully CF-ied interior, down to even that license plate holder, bound to keep this machine light as a fiddle. For the shoes, a set of custom forged MTM 20″ rims decked in a custom gold paint job. And then, there’s the neon green undercarriage glow…

Bonus bits = Ground Zero, German’s top notch in-car entertainment system developer, takes over the stock BMW audio setup, to deliver earth shattering bass and crisp trebles for the discerning ear.

Time taken = 365 days.

A show stopper most certainly. Would you care to win this one in NFS: Underground? We sure wouldn’t mind.




This piece is created in collaboration with MTM Performance Auto.

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